LumiMatte Finishing & Setting Powder Brush

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Pairs perfectly with LumiMatte Finishing & Setting Powder


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Benefit: Unique design disperses the perfect amount of powder onto the brush

Coverage & Finish: The soft, synthetic and textured bristles deliver feather-light pressure for an even, mess-free application.

Create flawless makeup looks with butter LONDON LumiMatte Finishing & Setting Powder Brush. Perfect for applying any loose or pressed powder, this fluffy, cruelty-free makeup brush was created as the ideal companion to the unique design of our LumiMatte Blurring Finishing and Setting Powder’s inner cap and gives you an even, mess-free application. Address imperfections with ease—one simple swirl of the brush in the cap evenly disperses powder onto the brush hairs and removes excess powder for natural sheer coverage every time. You’ll love the super-soft, textured bristles that effortlessly deliver luxurious feather-light pressure while buffing and blending to set makeup and blur imperfections wherever you go.

Feel Good Beauty:

Always Cruelty-Free



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