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When used dry, get a powder brush to set your makeup. For wet application, soak a makeup sponge with water. Remember to squeeze out any excess water from the sponge before using it to pick up some powder. Tip: Use a primer before applying the powder for


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“The Pastel Pro-fashion Terracotta Wet and Dry Powder is a full-coverage powder that neutralizes skin tone and hides any imperfections. It has a fine, velvety texture, that helps create a silky and matte finish.

It can reduce redness and cover blemishes for smooth skin. This multi-tasking product allows you to use it wet or dry. Wet application renders you a flawless base; while dry application is great for setting your makeup and quick touch-ups throughout the day. Either way, this powder helps control oil secretion and eliminates shine. It can also blur pores, making them appear invisible.

The Pastel Profashion Terracotta Wet and Dry Powder is available in (3) three shades, making sure there’s one for every skin tone: light, medium, or dark. To get the best result, apply on a clean and moisturized skin. It’s great to use during the day or at night.

This finely-milled powder is safe to use and dermatologically-tested. It contains ingredients that are certified vegan, Halal, and cruelty-free. It is also non-comedogenic, which means they won’t clog your pores and won’t cause your skin to break out. “



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